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GO UP - Slash Boards


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It is a model that we have developed in collaboration with the GO UP Surf Club. Borja, his coordinator asked us for a short board with a lot of flotation to help the surfers of his club, who were already running the wall safely with evolutives, funboard and intermediate boards, and they wanted to make the move to a short board. That is to say, a board that without losing much comfort would help them to move to the next level to start moving it and comfortably make the basic turns and the duck (overcoming the wave by sinking the board).
With this model we have helped many surfers of this profile to go up but in addition to this, adjusting the measurements, any type of surfer can enjoy this board in small waves. An example, our rider Guillermo Alonso won two championships with this board in minimal conditions.
Flat entry rocker and a lot of width in the chest area will give a very comfortable stroke. It continues flat and ends in a very soft tail rocker.
This rocker will give you a speed that surfers from basic to medium levels need since printing speed at these levels is not easy at all.
The concaves are very smooth too so the water slides quickly and feels loose in the spin. We have placed the fins very close to each other so that when you step on them you have a very fast response with a feeling of grip and safety.
Regarding materials: it will have AUSTRALIAN FOAM CT PRO, a much more reactive and sensitive foam; and with a BASS WOOD wood that will give it an extra flex, generating more inertia and projection on the bottoms.
In addition, this foam has UV protection that helps delay the aging of the board.



5’8’’ x 20.25 x 2.42 
5’9’’ x 20.38 x 2.50 
5’10’’ x 20.50 x 2.65 
5’11’’ x 20.60 x 2.65 
6’0’’ x 20.85 x 2.65

30.5 L 
32.1 L 
34.8 L 
35.5 L 
36.5 L


Fin Configuration 
Sólo Trifin. 
Sólo Quad. 
Rear Foot Patches 
Rojo y Negro . 
Carbono de Rayas. 
Carbono Quad Axial. 
Round . 


Trifin: 450€
Tri+Quad: 480€

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